This week, Pastor Jose Lattu continued the discussion on what it looks like to live out our Spiritual Life as we decide to move forward in what God has in store for us. While we’re all aware of the effect COVID-19 could have on our bodies, we need to pay attention to how this crisis could be affecting our souls.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 tells us that God desires for us to experience peace in our spirit, soul, and body. However, we often experience things that keep us from the emotional freedom that He wants for us. During a crisis, we may experience shock, and it can prevent us from seeing God and His plans for us clearly.

If we let our emotions rule, we often begin to feel sorrow. While sorrow is a natural response, we don’t need to become overwhelmed by our grief. This can lead to an emotional struggle that keeps our focus on the symptoms of our situation instead of the solutions.